How Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Summer is an outdoor time, and although there is fun in the sun, there can also be hazards. Remember that animals can suffer from heat stroke. Avoid active play in the heat of the day, and be sure to provide shade and water. Short-faced breeds like Bulldogs are extremely prone to this life-threatening condition, and are probably best left in the air conditioning. And don’t let animals eat things in the yard or on a walk – besides foreign body worries, many innocent-looking plants can be poisonous, causing anything from vomiting and diarrhea to outright death!

Fleas and ticks are always a concern. Did you know that Long Island ticks now can transmit more diseases than just Lyme disease? And that fleas can contribute to skin allergies and infections? Apply your pet’s flea and tick preventative on time each month. And if you don’t like the topicals, consider Nexgard for your dog – the new chewable monthly flea and tick preventative you can get right here at our hospital.

Travel is always fun, but be sure to plan ahead when you take your pet. Map out the pet-friendly rest stops and hotels. Have fresh water handy. Place ID tags on your pet’s collars that give his or her name and your phone number (preferably a cell phone number that works along your route.) Besides the collar, you can mark a carrier with that info, or whatever else you wish. Be sure to take an extra amount of all medications your pet needs, in case your trip gets extended. Consider an extra collar tag that says your pet needs medication for a specific problem. And don’t forget a basic pet-friendly First Aid Kit – self-sticking bandage material and gauze, water and/or alcohol-free baby wipes for cleansing, pediatric strength of triple antibiotic ointment for wounds (unless your pet has a known sensitivity to it), and – very important – include the name and phone number of an emergency veterinarian close to where you are staying, so you can call in a hurry if need be.

Have a fun-filled and safe Summer!

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