Holiday Hazards For Your Pet

Tinsel, ribbons, twinkling lights; decorations, joyous sights – DANGER!

Pine tree in its water stands; ornaments on dainty strands – DANGER

A menorah’s candles glow. People kiss ‘neath mistletoe – DANGER!

Candles can set fur aflame, broken ornaments can maim.

Ribbons, tinsel can get caught around the tongue and then pull taut and make intestines perforate – to fix it we must surgicate.

Resins from the pine tree leach into the water. If pets reach and drink the water, they get sick.

And by the way, you shouldn’t pick pointsettia and mistletoe, They are poisonous, you know.

So, “safety first!” But please have fun.


copyright Angela E. DeVito 2013

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